Benefits to Employer

There are many benefits to recruiting an APTUS Apprentice. 

Stay competitive:
The APTUS Programme is widely supported across the energy industry, with £140 million invested to date and over 2000 apprentices successfully completing the programme

Improve productivity:
Trained apprentices can have an immediate and meaningful effect on your business

Relevant training:
Apprentices have expertise that’s not only industry specific but directly relevant to your business

Bespoke programmes:
OPITO and the ECITB will work with you to produce tailored training programmes that will suit your organisation, meet your business needs (i.e. full time, part time, day release, block release) and be delivered through a network of quality assured training providers

Work with a network of quality training centres to ensure the correct investment in plant, equipment and people is in place to support newly developed training programmes

Cost effective:
We work collectively and avoid the high costs of individual action, whilst still achieving your key objectives - sustaining a safe, skilled and motivated future workforce.

OPITO and the ECITB manage all OGTAP apprentices throughout the programme.  There are no HR or managerial issues for any of our sponsoring companies.