Rob Dyer

Rob has just completed his final year of his apprenticeship programme and is working on Taqa’s Tern platform 

How did you find out about the industry apprenticeship scheme?

I found out about the industry through a talk whilst I was in school.

What inspired you to apply?

The idea of being able to learn the theory and then put that into practice with the practical aspect was appealing.
As well as this, having the ability to work with my hands but also be tested mentally was a big plus.

What were your perceptions of the oil and gas industry before starting?

Due to having family that worked in the industry, I feel that I had a good perception of the industry. From leading in technologies to making sure health and safety is at the forefront of every descision, it makes the industry a very appealing career.

What has been the best element of the training so far?

The best element would be constantly being challenged and supported to learn new things.

What has been the most challenging part of it?

The most challenging part would be taking the theory learnt in college and applying to real life applications, this is also ery rewarding as you understand how something works, not just being able to repair it.

How do you think your apprenticeship will prepare you for entering the working oil and gas industry?

The apprenticeship prepares you very well for working within the industry. It made sure I was ready for the career itself, but also the aspects of being away from home. The apprenticeship makes sure you are ready with the educational needs for the industry you’re about to enter.

How does being on the industry training scheme help you compared to your peers in terms of progressing your career?

I believe, with the correct attitude, the industry training will support you whilst progressing you’re career. If it is from additonal courses, to potentially carrying out a degree, the training scheme supports the whole way.

What is your ideal job after you finish your apprenticeship?

The ideal job, would be to become the Responsible Person for Electrcial disciplines on a specfic oil platform.

Given the current climate of job losses within the industry, why would you encourage young people to enter the oil and gas industry - what are the rewards?

The industry is an ageing workforce, although the industry is on a ‘downturn’ the technology will keep advancing and there will constantly be new discoveries and ways to extended the life of exisiting platforms.

What advice would you give to young people thinking of entering the industry after you?

The advice I would give, would be to constantly strive to be better and learn as much as you can for the industry you could potentially be entering.