Sophie Ewen

Sophie Ewen, aged 20 is currently a 2nd Year in the Oil and Gas Apprenticeship programme, following the Process Engineering discipline. 

She spends 3 days a week studying at the North East Scotland College and 2 days a week learning practical work experience at ASET.

How did you find out about the industry apprenticeship scheme?
I found out about OGTAP from various people in the oil industry and other people who had gone through the course

What inspired you to apply?
Hearing about the prospects and opportunities offered within the industry and the job role and following in footsteps of family members working offshore was my inspiration.

What were your perceptions of the oil and gas industry before starting?
The perception for me was that offshore life gave a good work-life balance, with plenty of the time at home sounded, which appealed to me, as well as the ability and opportunity to travel.

What has been the best element of the training so far?
The onsite training which is taught by instructors who have previously been offshore, sharing their knowledge and experience to give us a better indication of what it will be like.

What has been the most challenging part of it?
Balancing my life with studies and social life to enable me to get the most out of the course.

How do you think your apprenticeship will prepare you for entering the working oil and gas industry?
The onsite practical training at ASET has provided me with a good insight into life offshore. Most of the instructors have previously worked offshore so can offer an insight to what it will be like and what to expect.

How does being on the industry training scheme help you compared to your peers in terms of progressing your career?
I will have a sponsorship company at the end of my college time to allow me into the industry. If I had just done the college course itself it may be more difficult to get offshore or get a sponsor company.

What is your ideal job after you finish your apprenticeship?
To complete my training and to come out as a process technician.

Given the current climate of job losses within the industry, why would you encourage young people to enter the oil and gas industry - what are the rewards?
Despite the oil downturn, the industry is on its way up again and the future generation of employees will be needed, with the suitable qualifications and have skilled training.

What advice would you give to young people thinking of entering the industry after you?
I would advise people to apply for OGTAP as it is highly recognised as a prestigious course globally. The training is of a high standard and offers great opportunities.